Saturday, September 17, 2016

In the Garden: Harvest Time

The hillsides have been brushed with oranges, yellows, reds and rust as the Autumn fairy makes her rounds. It's really just a sprinkle right now. There is still plenty of green. But we are already seeing an explosion of color in the garden, which will soon spread up and down the mountain sides. It's hard to keep up with the harvesting. I'm always a little worried too much is being left behind or won't ripen in time, and any day now a frost could come and take what is left. And as Fall approaches and we turn a little more towards the inside realm, I am thinking about all the canning that needs to get done. It's not as much as last year because I scaled back on a few things, but it will still take a bit of time. But I guess I should savor these days out in the garden while they're still here.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Wiggly Tooth

"Tooth Fairy: Tooth coming out soon. Have fun!"

My big girl has her first wiggly tooth. She has been obsessed with losing teeth ever since her last dental visit and with kids in her class beginning to lose teeth. We decided we better be prepared for the big event, and designed a little tooth envelope for when the time comes. Yesterday, she even threw a wiggly tooth party in her class. I love her enthusiasm about it... it's definitely infectious. She wrote a letter to the tooth fairy to let her know that her tooth would be coming out soon. I told her the tooth fairy would probably just read it because the letter was a little big for her to take with her. She took this book out of the library of the school library last week about a sister tooth fairy team. I love that she's doing her research, and I know it will be exciting for the whole family when the first tooth falls. Let's hope she doesn't swallow it! If anyone has any fun tooth fairy traditions they'd like to share, feel free.

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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Harvest Fair

What a weekend! I set up at our local Harvest Fair with help from both my parents and the Mr.  I don't think I've done any shows in over a year, possibly far longer, and it was exhausting, but a lot of fun. I got to introduce my wool babies, heads put on in the nick of time, and also bring some other items along for the ride. Now that I've got a tiny bit of crafting time, I've got ideas coming out my eye balls. It's nuts, and I just want to make, make, make! But I also have to be really selective about which projects I jump into because it is such a limited amount of time. I'm hoping to find some more shows to do this Fall and holiday season. It can be very motivating to get out there and see what people are excited about. It was so nice to see a couple children get the wool babies directly... they were totally smitten with them, and I'm pretty sure they would have been happy to get any one of them. Seeing kids reactions to anything I make is one of favorite things about doing shows because kids don't try to hide their feelings about items like adults tend to do. Oh and there was a floral show going on, complete with fairy houses, so I had to share those too. Next year we'll have to enter our own fairy house. The crazy hats were part of a fund raiser for a high school class trip.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Baby Dolls

Elsa, looking a little nervous, but still, excited, for her first day of preschool.
Oona, over the moon with joy, to be starting kindergarten.

So, as mentioned my babies (big girls, really) have both started school. You can see them in their cute Mama-made fox dresses above. Things have mostly gone smoothly... more smoothly than I imagined considering Elsa was not really on board with the whole preschool thing (mostly a bit of butterflies, I think). I was terrified the first day would end with me either having to take her home screaming or getting a call from the school to come pick her up, neither of which happened... not even one tear on her part. I know things haven't gone perfectly... there was a little playground scuffle at school today over who should play on the see-saw and slide together, and I think she might have gotten a time out. Elsa's words" I was nicer after I sat in the chair." Hmm, I'll have to inquire about that one. Anyways, for the most part, they are both loving school and making new friends and enjoying their time away. 

For me, this means two and a half hours of time each week day to once again focus on my business. And to be honest, I'm not exactly sure which direction my business might take in the next couple years, but I am enjoying making dolls at the moment. Right now, I'm getting ready for our local Harvest Fair this Saturday. I definitely have set the bar high for how much I want to get done for this fair, and while I know I'll fall short, it's good to have so many projects lined up that I'll have to go back to after the fair is over. It's really only a small amount of time each day when my preschooler is not with me, but it does help me get organized so that I can get a bit done while she's home and playing happily. I'm also thinking about some overdue blog updates in the next month or so. There's a lot to think about, but I'm glad for this small bit of space in my day to regroup and create.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Beet and Bean Granny Slippers

The mornings and nights are getting a tad chilly so I'm glad I finally finished these slippers for Oona, from the yarn I dyed with beets and black beans.  I made up the pattern, but I think they turned out alright for winging it. To get the sole of the slipper right, I traced one of her shoes on to a piece of cereal box (cereal boxes make great pattern paper!) and used that as a guide for my stitches (making sure to write it down so I could do the same thing for the second foot!).  They turned out cozy and warm and easy to put on. I would make a second pair for little sister, but she wants purple ones. I'm not sure yet if I'll just use something from my stash or make some purple plant dyed yarn.

I have a rare moment to myself... the house is so quiet.  I want to pet our kitty just to hear a meow. I can't believe I have a kindergarten or a pre-schooler now.  Times are changing. I've just taken a quick break from the sewing machine for left over birthday cake and coffee (Jake's b-day cake). I hope to get a fantastic amount of sewing done today. Talk to you soon!

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