Tuesday, August 30, 2016

First Day Tomorrow

First day of school for my kindergartner is tomorrow. It's a full day of school, and I'm going to miss her like crazy. Oona, on the other hand, was born ready to go! I couldn't send her off without something Mama-made to begin her journey, so I had to use some wizardry to finish up this fox trot dress this evening. Thank goodness Daddy did dinner, bath, and bedtime stories, or it never would have come together. She was asleep before I finished, so I laid it on her bed to surprise her in the morning. She had actually told me that it was okay if it wasn't done on time... bless her socks... she'd just wear it another day. What a big girl for saying that! Still, I'm happy to give her some Mama magic to start off her kindergarten days. Elsa starts preschool on Thursday, and I've got to get busy finishing the next fox trot dress. I predict that I will be an emotional ball of goo for the next few weeks, but also quite happy for some new found time on my own. I only hope the road is much smoother for my little ones.

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Rachel @ The Philosophers Wife said...

What a lovely dress! The foxes are awesome. :-) I'm sure she will have an even better first day because of her beautiful dress.