Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Rosy Posy Apple Cozy

We got an early start this morning to send Oona off to Sprout Camp. It was her first ever summer camp adventure, and she was bubbling with excitement. She was so proud of herself for making her own sandwich and gathering all her supplies. I had hoped to drop her off myself, but little sister was having a tantrum, so Daddy stepped in. While she was away, I started to think about kindergarten starting, packing lunches, school supplies and what we might "need". So I took Elsa on a wildflower walk and pondered back to school craft projects. I had remembered seeing an apple cozy in the great sea of Pinterest posts, and decided my apple loving girl could really use one of these to keep her apple safe from bruises in her lunch bag. So after lunch I dusted off my crochet hook and set to work on this quick and cozy project.  I improvised the project using puff stitch granny circle. Oona was very excited when she got home to see what I'd been up to, and is already using it as a hat for her doll, hehe. It also made her want to have a go with the yarn and do some finger crocheting. Now I have one more to make for Elsa, who has been playing kitty with my yarn all day, both to my joy and frustration.

P.S. For summer reading, I'm finally getting around to reading "Under Wildwood"... the second book in the Wildwood trilogy.

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