Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Little Things: Lantern, Roses, and Branches

Oh, the little things... I do love the little things. Apple rhubarb pie... you must try it! Jake made this one... just replace strawberries with apples in your favorite recipe. Actually, Jake always makes the pie thanks to his Grandma Gladys's pie crust recipe. I'm not sure I can share the recipe here... pretty sure it's top secret information. We were gifted a bundle of rhubarb from a music group friend. I love gifts from the garden.

Back to the little things... one small rose bush... that beam of bright red does make me happy. The lilacs have passed, but they were glorious too. I can't wait for all the summer bouquets.

I'm also plotting to put some flowers to work this year in dye bathes. I'll probably just do one or two experiments, but I am excited and armed with a book. I think I'll dye some fabric and yarn and anything else I can squeeze in the pot.

One last "little thing"... I made a crochet lantern holder to dangle from the porch. I crocheted it from twine and some sparkly magic yarn I had lying around. I'd like to make two more of these so I can hang them between the other beams on the porch so we can have fairy lights to gleam for us at night. I just put a small mason jar and beeswax candle in it, and works great, but it's been raining too much to snap a picture in the evening. I didn't use a pattern. I just winged it (yes, I do this a lot) from distant memories of circle crochet patterns. Jake enclosed our porch this Spring in branches, so that's why you see twigs popping their way into photos.

Now, off to the garden. It's a nice cool day to get things done. There will be a garden post soon! What little things are making you smile these days?

Oh, why not, one more thing?! Jake and I have been together 11 years today! That's worth a smile for sure! (It's not our wedding anniversary, just our loveiversary)

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