Monday, May 23, 2016

In the Garden: Digging and Building

Lately, there's been a lot of digging going on in the garden. Elsa enjoys turning up some dirt with me while her big sister is at school . I finally completed and planted a new flower patch along our border yesterday with a little help from Oona. I've also been digging in the pumpkin patch and main garden in places where I failed to get enough mulch cover on in the Fall. Our yard very quickly becomes a weed disaster. There's also been some building and repair work to do. Our teepee in the center of the garden started to crumble and Jake decided to build a new structure with a bench for garden watching/resting. It's not complete, but will also be used for growing.

During our trip to the garden center on Mother's Day we purchased a beautiful fluffy, dangling weeping willow-like tree (but much smaller) called "Walker Weeping Caragana". That is a perfectly silly name to remember so we just call it "the Wishing Tree". I think on New Years Eve we'll hang strands of red ribbon from it with our wishes, or maybe we'll just casually make a wish as needed. Anyways, I recommend everyone have some sort of "wishing tree". Perhaps you already have one and didn't know it. I found this particular one while searching for a fir tree to decorate for the Solstice. We didn't find one that called to us, and decided we might find a better one in our own woods. But all's well that ends well.

We also bought our first rose bush. After purchasing it, I realized I am clueless about roses, and felt slightly panicked that the upkeep was more that I could bear. But, for now, things are going alright. I do find that they need to be complimented quite often to keep their spirits up, so whenever I walk by I say, "Oh yes, you are beautiful!" and they dance a little in the wind. My friend pointed out to me that the best part about roses is rose hips! Why didn't I think of that? Yes, now I feel better about the purchase. But, I'm still not certain if the variety I bought will bear hips. All I know is that I have to remember to stop pruning come September. Will do!

Other things of excitement... my first elderberry bush (black lace variety) and a St. John's Wort bush that claims to be great for the bees and butterflies. A friend of mine gave me a large bunch of oregano which was great because I lost my large patch a few years back to a harsh winter or perhaps critters digging in the root structure. To be safe, I moved this one to a new location farther from the house, and with room to spread out. A lot of my early outdoor seedling are still just babies, but indoor starts are growing swiftly. I am excited for the rush of planting soon to come and to be done with the excessive amounts of digging that are wearing at my hands. It does make you feel accomplished at the end of the day to spend the day in the dirt.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Stick Horse

Earlier in the week, Elsa's dream of having a pony party came true with just a few of our dear friends. It was really the ideal party size for a three year old... three guests for three. Because it was so small, I was able to make stick horses with fabric scrap hair for each of the girls. There were four horses total, but I didn't manage to snap a shot until after the party, when two had already rode to their new homes. I thought about making the horses each a different color, but ended up making them identical to avoid any wars. I think they turned out pretty festive, and will be good for a quick gallop around the yard.

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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Flowers and Truffles

 I know Mother's Day was last weekend, but I'm so behind the times. Happy Mother's Day to those wonderful, hardworking nurturers out there! I was blessed with a trip to our local bookstore and garden center on Mother's Day and countless beautiful pictures made by my girls as well as some beautiful earrings from my darling husband and acorn cap earrings from Oona. I'll share more about my garden purchases in my next garden post. The girls helped me make some yummy treats for some of the special mamas in our life... honey coconut truffles. I used this coconut ball recipe using uncooked honey creme (amazing!) as the sweetener and dipped them in tempered semi-sweet chocolate. I think they were a hit and this might have to be a Mother's Day tradition, though I have to figure out a better way to keep them from melting in the mail. Anyways, these were delicious to make even if you aren't a mama. I also got some time to finish up a Spring frock for myself (pictures to come!). We're having a beautiful sunny day here, so I best get outside!

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Three is a Magic Number

Three years... I think we've been talking about it for the last six months when big sister celebrated her fifth birthday. There's been both fear and excitement about this day. Three is a magic number after all. She both wants to be "a big sister" and "never stop being a baby". I love it! We kept it simple by hanging out at home playing with ponies and horses and mermaids. We mixed up some birthday magic out of just about everything we could find. It got a bit out of hand this year with marbles pouring out everywhere! We made blueberry pony cake that got stuck in the pan and went out for pizza and the day ended by staying up way too late eating cake, having a bonfire, flying on a birthday broom, and reading Pippi Longstocking comics before bed. All and all, I think the magic of three shined through on this day. The smiles were huge and the sun was shining! I wish everyday could feel like a birthday.

P.S. Something crafty... a fox apron made by Mama for my foxy lady, who has needed her own apron for far too long. I also made her birthday dress and unicorn (who has been named Rainbow).

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