Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The Unicorn

Shh! It's a secret! There's a new unicorn in the house.  I had one magical afternoon to myself, and I made this little "stuffy", as my kids call them, for Elsa's birthday in early May. There have been a few cute unicorns that she has been smitten with on outings and also several I've seen online that I have been sorely tempted by, but the temptation to make my own won out. It's so soft and quite a squishy thing, so I hope she digs it. We'll see... three year old's can be both easy to please and impossible to please. She told me that she wants "a pony and a pair of slippers for her birthday". When I asked what size pony (crossing my fingers that she meant a toy and not a real one), she said a little one... a little plastic one that she wanted to name "Cloud". She has two others named "Moon" and "Sun". The slipper request was a big surprise as I've never been able to get her to wear slippers! Hmm... we'll see. Anyways, I think I can swing the little plastic pony, too... I just wanted her to have something cozy and magical to cuddle, and she is a great lover of all things equine, even of the mythical variety. We're also planning to have a wild pony for her with a few friends... no real ponies involved, unfortunately. I can't wait to share the silly things I'm going to make for that.

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