Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Spring Lantern

I've wanted to make a silhouette lantern for the table for a while and when I mentioned it to Oona, she set me to work on it straight away. I love that about children... they never wait for the perfect time to start something... you don't need to wait until tomorrow... until you have the right supplies, until the stars are aligned...  anything you dream can happen now. I wish practical things like keeping your house from collapsing into total chaos, feeding your ever-hungry children and kitties, paying bills, and all of those other things that have their importance, but often thwart such spontaneous outbursts of creativity as an adult,  could take a backseat more often. Anyways, it was indeed a spontaneous project and there are many imperfections, including glue spots and an uneven base that doesn't sit perfectly on the table, but it was still fun... and the picture I made was very much inspired by my two little adventurers (carrying their dollies, by request, as well as wearing lots of bows). Oona has one in progress too, that I'll have to share when we can steal some more time to assemble it.

Joining in with KCCO over at Frontier Dreams .


mary said...

wow! So many fun things going on. I really need to run away and stay a week. I still have some wonderful lanterns you made in school which I think the girls would love. And why am I tempted to tell the message thing below that I AM a Robot. It's someone's favorite phrase here, much to his mamas annoyance.

Tricia - Farmish Momma said...

I love Waldorf siilhousettes! Yours came out so nice! This is my first time visiting. Tricia - Farmishmomma.com