Thursday, March 31, 2016


First butterfly, first hornet, fairy houses in the dirt, longer days in the sun... yes, it's Spring! Unfortunately, I've got yet another terrible cold, so I can't frolic too much, but I can soak up the longer days on a picnic blanket with some books, crochet and two wild little girls. I'm almost finished with a little flying disc to toss about. I just have some very literal loose strings to tie up. It's a floppy disc, to be sure. I either have to labor away to make a back for it to stiffen it up or spray it with some starch... or leave it as is, a floppy flyer. We've had equal amounts of rain and sun, so we'll see if we get a chance to test it out today. I am definitely looking forward to more picnic days in the sun and less sniffles. 

Joining in with KCCO over at Frontier Dreams .


Becki said...

Your pictures make me wish I had little ones (again) to go picnicking with. I must gather my yarns, a blanket and maybe even a friend and go crocheting in the beautiful outdoors - once it warms up again. ;^) You have a lovely blog with beautiful pictures.

Zena said...

I must make the last of our sunny days and craft on a picnic mat with my little one. She's so adorable. Pretty crocheting.

Little White Paw said...

Thank you both for stopping by! Yes, sitting around on picnic blankets is really the best of life... and if you get to make something, too, even sweeter!