Thursday, March 31, 2016


First butterfly, first hornet, fairy houses in the dirt, longer days in the sun... yes, it's Spring! Unfortunately, I've got yet another terrible cold, so I can't frolic too much, but I can soak up the longer days on a picnic blanket with some books, crochet and two wild little girls. I'm almost finished with a little flying disc to toss about. I just have some very literal loose strings to tie up. It's a floppy disc, to be sure. I either have to labor away to make a back for it to stiffen it up or spray it with some starch... or leave it as is, a floppy flyer. We've had equal amounts of rain and sun, so we'll see if we get a chance to test it out today. I am definitely looking forward to more picnic days in the sun and less sniffles. 

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Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter Bunnying

Happy Easter! We had a full house, including one small nephew/cousin to make it a real party. Their was drama and mayhem, but mostly fun. The raucous bed jumping party will go down in history as well as all the wagon rides around the garden... thank you to those willing to play horsey to pull it! I hope all had a wonderful weekend! Now on to some more planting, garden planning and Spring cleaning/ clean out!

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The Long Break

Hello! It seems I've been caught in some strange vortex the last few weeks. Oona was on school break, which turned out to be extra long this year due to a snow day and a sudden outbreak of hives. It was nice to have long days with my big girl, and I know next year our time will be so much shorter with the start of kindergarten. I'd like to report that we did all sorts of fun things on her break, but mostly we just hung out, fought off sickness, worried about elections, and retreated into our own little worlds. The girls have both been on a drawing kick, and Daddy gave Oona her own roll of masking tape so she's been taping pictures all over the house (and I do mean all over!). She also uses it for all manner of strange things... taping things together she finds to make dolls, doll furniture, etc. Now my busy bee is back at school, and the house is certainly a bit quieter without her. Actually, it's indeed very quiet at the moment, as I'm the only one awake. I think I'm going to string up those origami butterflies that Oona and I made together, and then tidy up this jungle. I just wanted to say a "Hello"... "I'm back!" and "How are you? Is it Spring yet?"

Joining in with KCCO over at Frontier Dreams .