Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Tao of Vegetables


Just as I was starting to believe it was going to be a very early Spring this year in Vermont, we got hit with that blast of cold to freeze me in my place and assure me I do still live in the north land. I think it reached negative twenty one night. Ice actually penetrated through our bedroom ceiling. Good thing we have no shortage of blankets! We spent Valentine's day in this deep freeze, and I think my brain is still a bit frozen from it all, despite much warmer weather yesterday. I am trying to thaw out my mind by turning my thoughts toward the garden and seedlings, while simultaneously trying to crochet Elsa a warmer pair of mittens. I'm also feeling a bit sick again. I realized this is the main reason winter drives me a bit crazy. I can deal with the freezing weather, but there's always so much sickness to fight off. Oona was home with a snow day yesterday. I love snow days, even if we don't always make it into the snow. The first thing Oona asks on a snow day is if she can stay in her pjs all day... oh, but of course! I forced myself into the kitchen so as not to sit around in a dazed fog. The girls and I made strawberry and chocolate chips muffins and then I made candied orange peel that I intend to dip in chocolate and carrot and chickpea tagine from this book. And then we had dolly birthday party... the best kind, in my opinion... as all the preparations are pretend. Today, I'm not feeling quite so ambitious and just need to rest and day dream about warmer days to come.


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Lucy Bowen said...

All of your projects look great, love the colour of the mitts. And the party looks like just the place to be.

mary said...

Candied orange peels sound like tasty medicine. I hope we can see you all soon. mom