Tuesday, February 9, 2016

In those minutes between here and there...

 I've found that elusive moment of quiet while Jake plays with the kiddos downstairs before bed. I wanted to quickly share some of my recently finished projects (and one of Oona's) before I dig in to some new fabric that arrived in the mail today. A common saying around here is... "Next Fall, when Elsa is preschool...". That is when mountains will be moved, monuments will be built, pigs will fly and the Etsy shop might finally get updated!  Two and half hours of free time each week day will mean that I can finally get back to business (hopefully) or at least sanity. Of course, I secretly want to make it happen before then, but I've also excepted I have a high demand toddler and a wacky schedule with Oona's preschool starting in the middle of the day... to and fro... to and fro. But I am glad  to see that after a very slow start in January, I am managing to squeeze in a tiny bit of making here and there.

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