Monday, November 16, 2015

Cleaning Rhythm

It's that time of year when we start spending a lot more time indoors around here, and I suddenly feel at war with my surroundings. I'm not going to lie, my two and a half year old can turn a box of blocks into a tsunami in a matter of seconds. It's frustrating, but also comes with the territory of living with little people. We work on encouraging and insisting on help from our children (especially when it's their mess!), but chaos is still a major part of our world right now. Aside from kid disasters, there's all the other little things that need to happen in a home everyday and every week. I'm trying to get more organized about taking care of all these little things so when the tsunami hits, there is still something holding everything else together. I started this little cleaning chart for myself to stay a little more on top of things back at the beginning of the Fall. It's not written in stone. I seldom complete all of the task for each day, but it reminds of the things that need to get tended to in order to keep the chaos levels down. I picked a room for each day of the week to focus on (kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, etc). I have Mondays off, but sometimes I just catch up on things I missed on that day. I also include a few errands and misc. things like groceries and garbage day just to remind me. Each night of the week we have an activity (art, story, music, movie night, etc.). Sometimes it works, sometimes we do what we feel like. I think I also need to make a list of daily chores to keep me on task with that as well. Even though I hardly ever keep up with this list because other day to day things throw me off course, it helps me to remember all the general maintenance that needs doing, some of which I neglected terribly before making this chart. I remind myself often not to let this be a thing of guilt, but just helpful reminders. As soon as you start to feel guilty it's all down hill. The next step is a big purge in junk before the holidays. Anyone have any great cleaning tips to share? I am no expert.

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