Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Salad Anniversary

It's a quiet afternoon at home. My big girl is at preschool, and my little one is off on adventures with Daddy on his day off. I hate to be a stereotypical "Mom", but as soon as they were all shuffled out the door (easier said than done), I went straight for the coffee and chocolate. The cute owl cup filled with healthy green tea came later. I can't seem to keep myself from multi-tasking... vacuum living room/ cut out pattern/ write a blog post/ make tea/ back to pattern/ pick up crochet/ read a poem/ arrange flower's on table/ back to cutting/ write another blog post. "Focus!" I shout to myself. Oh well... "momming" makes the multi-tasking world a bad habit that's hard to break. If I was smart, I wouldn't have done any of these things... just turned on the yoga DVD and found inner peace, haha. But, it does feel good to do a bit of this and a bit of that, even if it's not entirely relaxing.

The book above, "Salad Anniversary" was given to me by Jake for our six year anniversary. Actually, he gave it to me this morning (our anniversary was nine days ago!) because he forgot he bought it. Not a big deal because we agreed early on not to do anniversary gifts, and I didn't get him anything anyways. We know that the best gift we can give each is time, and this year we made it real simple and took a nice family walk near the farm house we got married (which happens to be in the same town we live.) It's nice to be able to walk by and show our daughter's where we celebrated this special day and share stories with them. Whenever my daughter see's the photo of our wedding day that sits in our hallway she asks, "Is that when you were a princess, Mommy?" The truth is, I am still a princess to have such a lovely family to spend all my time with. I haven't read much of the book yet... "Salad Anniversary?" I said, "Is that good or bad?" "Not sure, yet" he replied. Hmm.

Oh... onto the crochet hook... not a bowl... a hat... part of a Halloween costume... one of two hats I need to make. Yes, they are going as the same thing... and it will be darn cute. October is coming

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39/52 Deer and Kitty Princess

" A portrait of my girls, once a week, every week in 2015"
Oona and Elsa: I love how little people "hang out"... they just plop down beside each other without a care about space or time... move over pumpkins... move over sister... just resting and being a cozy, no time for worries, just a pause before more play!

P.S. They discovered a cool way to wear their shawls... criss-crossed in the front and tied in the back... super stylish, indeed.


Friday, September 25, 2015

In the Garden: Oranges and Yellows and Reds

My rambling mess of a garden is still bringing me great joy. I haven't weeded in ages... just watering, harvesting and eating these days, but I am happy with how most things are doing. I wish I had more time to get it all picked and preserved, as Jack Frost will surely show up one of these days.  Our biggest sunflower bent all the way to the ground recently, and I felt so apologetic beheading the poor thing, but I didn't want it to just rot against the dewy grass. I promised it that we would bring it back to life next year by planting it's beautiful seeds. I left the stalk in the ground in case it had one more tiny sunflower to bloom. I am a very emotional gardener. I feel both the joy and loss out of harvesting. I remind myself that most of these plants are only here for a season, but it is still hard to watch something grow, and then pluck it mercilessly from the Earth. But I try to remember that much of it will go into our bellies to help us grow, so in that way we are allowing it to continue. I am also trying to save more seeds this year, both in gratitude, and because it's just plain good economics. I am so happy to see all the beautiful colors the garden is producing in the house and in the yard. Even with my planters guilt, I still can't resist picking flower's and staring at them on the table or in the hallway each day.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Celebrating the Equinox

Reading: "Taproots: Folk Issue 15" Crocheted: Iyana Shawlette from Knitpicks with Palette yarn in Latana and Fairytale: I used hook size two sizes bigger  as the shawlette is pretty small in the original pattern.

Happy Autumn! I love the chilly mornings this time of year that makes you snuggle under blankets and go searching for flannels and soft sweaters. I thought the Fall Equinox would be a nice occasion to crochet something warm and snugly for my girls. I worked on these two shawls throughout the summer months, knowing they weren't something I could just whip up on the fly, but they'd be well worth the effort. The girls picked the colors, but I didn't tell them what I was making. I gave them to them yesterday evening as we sat outside in the crisp Autumn air for a bonfire, and they both were happy to try them out. 

Oona also asked me to make a dress for her little deer, as her tiny dress had gone missing, and I can't resist requests like this especially when asked sweetly, so I immediately dug into the fabric cabinet and pulled out this very Fall-like calico that suited her perfectly. It was very quick to make... a gather skirt, two criss-crossed strips of bias for the bodice and hand sewed together. I'm not saying it was easy... I did the hem and finishes with the sewing machine and tiny bits of fabric have a way of jamming up the works, but Oona was very happy and took a butterfly hair clip and stuck in on her back for wings... a deer fairy, I guess. 

 I also did a bit of decorating with leaves we gathered on a walk in "The Fairy Woods". I pressed them between two sheets of wax paper with the iron to help keep them for longer. Then I pulled them out from the between the sheets and strung them up on a fallen branch we had also collected. They are hanging in their play kitchen area looking very festive.

We sat on a picnic blanket under a starry sky with a bright beautiful moon weaving crowns out of flowers. We had songs and told stories and danced with sparklers and said a special thank you to the garden for the bounty it has given us. It's very important to me to honor the seasons with my little ones. I want them to always appreciate how much the Earth gives them and how amazing the natural world is.

 We stayed up far too late and read more stories inside and had homemade ice cream with apple sauce which certainly didn't help the little ones settle into bed, but it was nice to celebrate. Do you celebrate the seasons? What is your favorite thing to make these changes extra special?

Daddy reading "Woody, Hazel and Little Pip" by Elsa Beskow


Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Birthday Dress

 I'm getting a little ahead of myself in some things, and way behind myself in others. This dress is for Oona's fifth birthday in November. I'm trying to keep it a surprise (the dress, that is). She wants to have a deer party so just imagine this dress on a little girl with cute little deer ears and perhaps a fluffy tail.

This is the same pattern I used for the "back to school unicorn dress" with out the layered skirt and pockets and pleats added.

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Monday, September 21, 2015

Growing a Home

"Growing a Home"

 I've always believed that for a home to truly be a home that it needs to be filled with love and cheer, but it only really dawned on me this year that a home is something that we grow. Like a flower in the garden it needs to be fed, nourished, watered (cleaned!), and given sunlight to thrive. This small epiphany changed my whole way of looking at where we live and how we live in it. Feeling frustrated by toddler messes, too much stuff, an old rambling building with plenty of "character", and that overwhelming desire to own our own home, I wasn't fully appreciating or respecting what we had. While we will likely move at some point, for now, this is the only "home" my daughters have ever known. When they think of home, it is these walls, these people, the food and pictures and music created, the view off the mountains from the kitchen window, the river just across the way, swings and trees and all that grows in and around it. This special combination of living and inanimate objects and how they interact are what helps the home to grow, but mostly, it is the experiences within these walls. I want the walls to ring with laughter and joy and at night, fall into a deep peaceful slumber. It is with all this in mind that it becomes easier to care for and love the home we are in right now. Things need not be perfect if we let them grow organically. Paint will get old and chip, floors will get dirty, toys will swim on the floor when children are busy at play, and you can be sure a spider will find a cozy corner to call home. Like the garden outside, your home will need tending, but that makes the rewards of what you're growing even more wonderful! Growing a home means growing a place of love and shelter, a safe space to cry and sleep and day dream about all that is to come.  When I walk into my home I want to remember to say "hello!" and "thank you" for giving us not just a space to hang my hat, but a place to live and be. I know that there are many in the world that go without this basic human need for shelter and safety, and I think it is our job as human's to find a way to give others this same gift of a peaceful space of love and protection, for it is in our homes that we are granted the most freedom to grow as well.


38/52 The Cat's Pajamas

"A portrait of my girls, once a week, every week in 2015"
Oona and Elsa: enjoying a morning ride/walk in their jammies... I think jammy walks are the new thing around here... they are so much more eager to get out the door when they can stay in their cozy jammies!


Monday, September 14, 2015

Sunday, September 6, 2015

36/52 Up and Down on the Merry-go-round

Oona: riding all by herself... if she could just get that horse to fly, we might never see her again. The first time she ever rode on a carousel she laughed with glee the whole time, and when it stopped... she screamed like a banshee... luckily she got down without a fight this time.
Elsa: tried the horse, but preferred to be in Daddy's arms after a few spins.