Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Oh, silly Mama! How did you ever think you'd get away with making this dolly to sell? It was my first attempt at a 13" dolly, and I thought my four year old fully understood that this sweet auburn girl was for the shop. She'd gotten a Mama Doll for Christmas... she was good, right? In fact, she didn't even notice her the whole time I was making her. Phew, I thought, she doesn't care. Wrong! As soon as a dress was added, and she was nearly done... I was going to add underwear and shoes... she swooped in like a hawk rocking and cradling her and confessing her deep love for "Lucy". I did make her beg, but in truth, I knew the moment she asked, I would crack like a cracker... crumble to pieces all over my nice clean rug. Why? Because secretly, I had wanted to keep her for myself. Unfortunately, my weak will has created another problem... for there was another little girl that in fact loved this dolly before she was even finished, one who swoops her up the second her sister puts her down... one who ran back into her sleeping sister's room to wake up this same dolly this morning...

Oh no! Not good... two sister's in love with the same doll... what to do? Of course, I need to make Elsa one too... I can't let such an injustice sit. I am touched that they both approved of my creation, but it does make me realize I'll need to get a little tougher if I intend to make more of these to sell in the future... or else we'll have to have a separate bedroom just for dollies... they're already overpopulating us!

*P.S. Oona chose the name "Lucy" because we've been reading the "Little Bear" books and Emily, the little girl has a favorite dolly named Lucy.

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Monday, July 27, 2015

In the Garden: Garlic Harvest

We have a crowded spider colony in our dilapidated shed, as well as an abundance of garter snakes living under the porch... they are good neighbors and keep mostly to themselves and take care of some of the garden pests for us.

I'm so excited for our first apple harvest this year... I hope they taste good... I have no idea what variety this tree is, as it was here when we moved in.

First of the pink hollyhocks

One girl in the raspberry patch, one hunting for green tomatoes...

Maybe we'll actually have a sweet pepper harvest this year... keeping them in pots on the porch seems to be helping.

A hefty load of garlic to move to the porch...

Garlic braided and ready to hang

The kitties were quite enamored with the garlic leaves.

 A wild thunderstorm last night meant I had a rest from watering our little jungle this morning. I pulled the garlic on Saturday afternoon, just before a bit more rain, with some help from the girls. It's been a wet year here. I'm not getting in the garden as much as I'd like but that is partially due to the little people in my life, who'd rather a push on the swing or some help in the berry brambles then for me to pull weeds or plant Fall crops. I pulled the rest of our spinach this week and made some spinach pesto, as well as some basil pesto to freeze. I have to cut a bunch of herbs soon for drying, and plant some more spinach (which hopefully will grow in time!). It is satisfying to see the garlic braided and hanging in our kitchen... not as much as I thought I'd planted, but still, a good amount... I feel like garlic is one of those things where it will never feel like quite enough... I'll always have to plant a little extra each year. Kale, on the other hand, is always bountiful.  I'm going to make some kale pesto this week... there's so much kale, and I never know quite what to do with it all. I have a wonderful "saag" recipe that uses lots of greens. I'll have to make some soon and share the recipe. Anyone have any great recipes for using up kale or lettuce. The Spring lettuce is on it's way out soon. Also in the kitchen, I need to make some pickled radishes and spring rolls using up some of our cabbage. I think a day in the kitchen is in order soon. I'll have to look at  "Dishing up the Dirt"... it's a fun blog for finding garden inspired recipes.

Are you eating any homegrown goodness these days?

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Sunday, July 26, 2015

30/52 On Blueberry Hill

"A portrait of my girls once a week, every week in 2015"

Oona: helping Daddy gather wild blueberries 
Elsa: helping Daddy eat wild blueberries


Monday, July 20, 2015

In the Garden: Summer Blooms and Green Lanterns

Girls in the raspberry bushes.

Raspberry Girl

First Morning Glory

Bee Balm

Morning glories on our metal gazebo
Garden music
Our Dutchman's Pipe that I had taken for dead is climbing up the sandbox cover.

New bug stones painted by Mama and new fairy bird bath from Baba


Watermelon Radishes

Rose of Sharon

first tomatillo

Oona moved the "baby" Buddha under the cherry tree to be with the "mama" Buddha

This last week in the garden we've seen morning glories, holly hocks, tansy, Rose of Sharon, and bee balm open up. The girls are in the raspberry patch everyday, and we even made a small batch of raspberry jam that will be gone in two licks. We have little lanterns forming on our tomatillos. It's my first year growing them so it's a pleasure to watch. There's been a fair bit of rain this summer (which can be both a gift and a curse), and after each good down pour, I feel like things have doubled in size. One of our vines that appeared to have gotten damaged in a late Spring frost miraculously started to grow after some brutal pruning. It's hot and humid and the mosquitoes are ferocious, but I'm still getting out there when I can... not as often as I should, but things are still managing to keep growing, so something is going right, I guess.

 Please feel free to link to your own garden rambles in the comments!

29/52 Adventures with a Parasol

"A portrait of my girls

Oona: looking very Shirley Temple in this photo... so sweet and so cunning and always ready to pose with a parasol 
Elsa: this one, on the other hand, never slows down for a photo or anything else... oh, my two year old... I feel like I am getting a lot of good exercise this summer chasing her about


Friday, July 17, 2015

Garden Rocks

Oona made a sun rock, a heart rock, and some other wild things... a whale and a loaf of bread if you're not sure what I mean by "wild".

Mama painted a bunch of rocks black and blue and a seashell red.

And then made a bunch of bugs!
And when the black and blues were dry, I wrote on them  with gold paint marker to make silly labels for some of our trees and bushes and vines.

Monday, July 13, 2015

In the Garden: All those Ripe Berries

This July garden is green and full and keeping the kitchen happy. We are enjoying snow peas, lettuce, kale, spinach, watermelon radishes, sun gold tomatoes, cilantro and other herbs as well as blueberries (thanks for the new bush Baba and Papa!), raspberries and red currants. We also discovered that the vine that had vigorously grown up our apple tree is a grape vine and loaded with wild grapes. Hurray for surprises! Day lilies are bringing that rich summer color to our bouquets as well as all the beautiful wild flowers free for the picking. Our one and only sour cherry, perfectly red and round, was picked and shared by Mama and Daddy. The kids preferred to stick with the raspberries. I do love the taste of summer. 

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