Monday, May 11, 2015

In the Garden

 The garden season is off to a good start. I've been snapping photos here and there. Oona is taking the sister garden very seriously, blessing it with her magic spells and such. Those are our first ever radishes above in their tiny garden. The next step will be to thin them.

 We added to our front flower patch in the Fall with more daffodil and tulip bulbs and a few surprises I had forgotten about.

 And this four leaf clover in our hay mulch was the best surprise of all. I'd like to say that I did the noble thing and left it to grow, but I really needed the luck... so pluck!

 We picked up some annuals to decorate our store porch. I think last year I grew my own pansies, but this year I got off to a late start on the starter seeds. All that cold weather put me off, and now it feels like summer outside.

Our baby plum has blossomed for the first time. It's survived two brutal winters so I think it will do just fine. We have one plum in honor of each of our girls, but I can't remember who is Oona plum and who is Elsa plum, or which one we planted Elsa's placenta under.

 And hopefully our apple's will offer a little more than a couple fruit this year.

Jake made me a nice sit-upon for the big garden. I look forward to sitting still for a moment.

My biggest garden successes so far have been getting all the mulch down early and just recently getting the lettuce, kale, spinach,  and a few other cold weather crops in. For once I think I'm semi-on-target for our climate zone!

 I also built a pretty little stone wall around the garlic and raspberries. I am still in confusion about how and when to prune raspberries. I missed the winter pruning because of too much snow. Time to do some more research. Are you growing anything this year? If you keep garden posts, please feel free to share in the comments. It's to be inspired and learn from other gardeners.

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