Friday, May 29, 2015

In the Garden: Radishes and Red Currants

Oona and Elsa's tiny garden has grown a little bit bigger.
 So much is happening in the garden these days it's hard to keep up. This morning I finally got my potatoes planted and a sets of leeks, a bit late, but they'll still be fine. Our first year of radishes are doing nicely. I have much thinning still to do, much planting, much weeding, but so it goes.

I spruced up the girl's garden with some scrap fabric flags, pretty yarn and sticks for the snow peas. We also planted a mixed pack of flowers that Oona picked out. I always have trouble with mixed packs, so Elsa and I added some zinnias while Oona was at school as insurance. I'm trying to encourage them to help as much as they can, but it's not always easy to get them involved. If I set up a rain barrel maybe they'll be able to help more with watering. I am enjoying the tiny size of their garden. It's so much easier to manage! I wish they were more enthusiastic about pulling weeds.

Jake and I have been diligently working on the new pumpkin patch. I finally got manure put down and started to build hills. Jake is going to build tipis for them to grow up as we've had a problem with mold on the leaves in the past. It will be our "three sister's" garden this year with black beans and corn mixed into the patch. I saved lots of pumpkin seeds to plant.

Our mint is here and already giving it's bounty in cups of tea and a quick delights for curious mouths. I do love mint!

We bought two red currant plants this year that are already growing berries. I can't wait to make red currant jelly.

They're not as productive as the red currants, but I think we'll get a mouthful of blueberries this year as well.

Kale and lettuce are doing just fine. Next year I think I'll use row covers to give them an earlier start. I always have hopes of getting things going just a little bit earlier than the last year, but it's so hard to keep on top of everything.

I love my perennials.... so satisfying for little effort. I'm excited for peonies. They're always so fragrant and beautiful.

Hopefully we'll be making some humming bird friends soon when they find our new feeder. I might have to lure them with some hanging flowers too.

The Green Mountains are certainly living up to their name. After a long, hard winter it's nice to see so much green.

I'm also excited that our lupines are starting to spread. They are definitely one of my favorites.

It's nice to see things begin to take shape. Things really are in full swing now! And June will be here in a few days. I've already spotted lightening bugs. There's still lots more planting to do. I will be a busy bee this week, for sure.  I'm grateful for a later growing season, as I would never come close to keeping up otherwise. I might have to downsize next year. A large garden is proving to be a challenge.

How does your garden grow? If you keep blog posts or have flickr photos of your garden, feel free to leave a link. It's so magical to see what others are doing in their garden.

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