Thursday, May 28, 2015

Coral Baby Sweater

A tiny coral sweater is underway. It's made out of soft cotton yarn... just right for end of Summer/ beginning of Fall, when it will be worn. The picture above just shows the collar, but I've started to work on the rows of bobble stitches. I think I might have to adapt this pattern to larger sizes... two for my girls and perhaps if I get very daring, one for me. If only I had enough of this coral yarn for all of them. I'll share a photo when it's finished.

Lately I've been following along to the daily readings in "Simple Abundance". I read it long ago and far away, before I cast aside all self-help books in favor of crafting and parenting books (different forms of self-help, haha). I picked it up again because try as I might, things feel far from simple these days. I can't even tell you how many articles I've read this year alone on simplicity (maybe that's half my problem... too much research and not enough practice ). It's definitely a popular subject, something so many of us are striving to attain. Why? Maybe because the modern world is too busy, hectic and altogether too dizzying. It wears out your dancing shoes if you keep dancing too long. So, I'm trying to take a minute or two each morning to read the days passage. What do you do each day to help remind you to pause and savor the moment? Standing in the sunlight is another thing that helps me feel connected.

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Lucy Bowen said...

Love cotton yarn in the summer!