Saturday, March 21, 2015

Spring is Hiding

Some handmade gifts for the girls from way back when --- Valentine's Day 2015.
Happy Spring!  It's not much like Spring here yet, save for the mud. It's still plenty cold, though I guess you could call it warm compared to the sub zero temperatures in February. I think I am always chasing rainbows this time of year. I try to employ every bright color possible in my crafting. I'm starting to feel a bit a embarrassed about all the baking we've done this winter.... mostly about all the cookies we've been eating. I'm becoming more snow woman-like than person. I told Jake the other day that this winter has made me feel very faded... both physically and mentally. I see a ghost-image of myself in the mirror... The girl's and I played on the porch the other day in the sun. It wasn't for long, the wind was pretty biting, but we needed a taste of sunlight. On the Equinox Oona and I went to pick out some seeds at the hardware store. She's going to have her own little garden this year. I can't wait for those long days in the sun digging in the dirt. I haven't started any of my seedlings yet... soon, but I wanted it to feel a little more like Spring first. (Perhaps that's a case of the chicken and the egg!)

Delicious baguettes made from this recipe and inspired by the awesome one's gifted to us by my friend Megan.  

 The preschool teacher asked me to make curtains for the classroom, and I had initially thought I'd just whip up some quick rectangles out of printed fabric, but nothing I had seemed quite right. I started thinking, "What would Oona like?" and suddenly appliqued flowers seemed to be the only answer. I was happy to bring Spring to the classroom even if it's hiding from me everywhere else!

Extra time indoors has meant lots of crafting.  I feel like there's a whole stack of projects I haven't gotten around to sharing here... that faded feeling I was talking about... lack luster about everything. And Oona draws non-stop, and Elsa is beginning to love it too, though she often prefers drawing on things other than paper... like doll faces and walls and computer screens! They've also been playing together much more... one of the good points of spending far too much time indoors. I am hopeful that we will be venturing out a lot more in the coming weeks... re-instituting daily walks... plotting and planning for our gardens, jumping in mud puddles and finding our energy again in that golden sunlight!

"Spring Flowers" by Oona

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