Sunday, February 8, 2015

Snow and Hearts

Snow is falling on the dark road outside and indoors my babies and my husband are all snug in bed. I'm trying very hard to recall the warmth of a fine Spring day, the feel of grass under feet, or the happy chirping of birds, but it's a far stretch of the imagination right now. I didn't really pay attention to what happened on Ground Hog's Day as it's all pretty hopeless, but I'm more than certain the poor thing is frozen solid in his hole if he didn't have the sense to leave for Hawaii. I am trying desperately to fill our chilly nest with warm thoughts, warm cookies, and warm hearts, but I know by the way the kids were jumping around tonight that we've all gone a bit bonkers in this bitter cold. I'm hoping for a surprise warm spell soon... I'll take anything above twenty. I seem to be crocheting a bit too much these days... an effort to keep my fingers from freezing to each other, I suppose. More crafty bits to come... mainly some obsessive heart making. If you live somewhere warm, send some of it my way, please.

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