Thursday, August 7, 2014

My Little Sister's Wedding

 Last Saturday the sun came out long enough for my little sister and her now-husband to say their "I do's" under the canopy of their magnolia tree.  It was a beautiful and intimate ceremony (only immediate family), and a day filled with many sweet memories.

 They quite literally "tied the knot" , which was a nice touch, I thought. 

I think if Jake had to pick me up at our wedding, I would have sent him rolling down a hill. My sister wore the beautiful gown my mother had made for her own wedding many moons ago. 

I made dresses for the girls with moths and lightening bugs and little star aprons. I'll share more detail shots of the craft projects from the wedding tomorrow.

My sister is cheating with heels... I think I have at least an inch or two on her. One of my dearest hopes for my daughters is that they will be friends as my sister and I are when they are grown. 

 During the ceremony, I pulled Elsa and my nephew down the aisle in a little red wagon. Oona was the flower girl, and she did not want to give up her job. We had to drag her from center stage so the lucky couple could get hitched. Their were many more wagon rides after the wedding. If I'd known Elsa was so strong, she could have pulled the wagon down the aisle.

Luckily, my sister gave all the kids berries to occupy them during the ceremony.

We made sure the house was very festive, as we didn't know if it was going to rain.

 Jake played mandolin during the ceremony. 

 My parents and the happy family... they all look marvelous, no?

The Rose of Sharon was in bloom for their special day, and found it's way into jars, boutonnieres, and the rug they stood on to get married.

Finally, a picture with my parents, siblings and partners, and kids... a picture that's never successfully been taken before!

 The flower's above, from my parent's garden, made their way into the bridal bouquet. 

 I had to get a shot of their beautiful handmade rings. 


Peek-a-boo! Many happy returns of the day to my sister and her new husband!

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