Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Moths and Lightening Bugs

Finally, here are the matching dresses I made for the my little ladies for my sister's wedding as seen in this post. I've made this pattern numerous times, and while I was tempted to try something new for the occasion, I knew this was a safe bet that would sew up quick and show off the large print. I left the elastic out of the sleeves for a fluttery effect, and lengthened Oona's a bit as the girls' got long legs, and I wanted it to last a bit longer.

 The fabric is by illustrator Teagan White and part of the "Fort Firefly" collection by Birch Fabrics. I was lucky to get it during a big summer sale at Fabric Worm. It seemed the perfect fabric for two illustrators getting married in the evening. Oona says that they are butterflies, but I believe it's moths and lightening bugs. The lace was supposed to be used on my wedding dress, which I never finished, but that's a story for another time. I think it gave it just the right amount of fancy for a country wedding.

I ordered the star fabric on a lark, not intending to use the two together, but when I saw how perfectly it complimented the "Fort Firefly" fabric, I knew it was meant to be.

And so these reversible aprons were born.... a simple self-drafted pattern. They have a large pocket on the star side. Each girl has one in the compliment of her dress, and I hope they will have fun wearing them for lots of cooking experiments and magic spells to come!

P.S. I'm posting my work over at Frontier Dreams this week for KCCO craft share! You can share there too!


Lucy Bowen said...

Ah the aprons are gorgeous - I see lots of baking in their future!! Love the big pocket.

Little White Paw said...

Thanks Lucy! The big pocket is very handy!