Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Take a Deep Breath

Take a deep breath...
when you take that first sip of tea in the morning
when the heater stops running and you hear a quiet room for just a moment
when your baby girl climbs up on big sister's chair and stands up grinning
when you put the bills in the mail box
when you hang the last piece on laundry on the line

a little deeper...
when you sip that afternoon coffee
when your little girl sits on your lap and says "I just want Mama right now"
when you pour the popcorn in the popper
when you wash another dish

let the breath become a smile...
when you run out things to say
when your little one screams for the thousandth time
when you find yourself dressed up with no place to go
when you know that the hours on the clock don't count for much these days

and exhale...
when plans of a fancy dinner turn into another box of pasta
when winter is hanging around just a little too long
when you stand on the porch and feel the cold on your skin
when you find a tiny moment in your own head to listen to a memory

Yes, that feels better.


Megan Lenihan said...

Beautiful and well said! I can tell you have been reading Buddhism for mothers...just started my copy! You are such a great mama!

Little White Paw said...

Thanks Megan! I wish I could keep a zen attitude a lot more of the time. My kids have a special way of pushing my buttons much more than I ever thought possible. I feel like it gives me a split personality... screaming maniac one moment... zen master, nothings going to phase me the next... oh, the joys of parenthood!