Sunday, March 16, 2014

Spring Birds

This is just a little photo shoot with some little birds I made recently upon request. I haven't made these in a while, but back in the day I made quite a few of these.  It was nice to give my sewing machine a little company after a long time gone.

Oh, yes, these do make me think that perhaps Spring is inching ever so slowly closer! If you are somewhere where the little crocus's are starting to peek their heads up, do a little dance.


Karen said...

i still have my bird trio from you from many moons ago!! also love the pink springy background. we are MORE than ready for spring around here too. daffodils and crocuses have already come up ...! now we just need warmth and sun. xo

Little White Paw said...

Glad your birds are still kicking around! I'm jealous of your daffodils and crocuses. I planted daffodils and tulips in the Fall, but I know we have a bit more of a wait here... the grounds still covered in that fluffy white stuff... it's hard living in the land of winter. I taking joy in planting seedlings and watching them bring a little more green into my world.