Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Finnie the Pooh's Leg Warmers

Many moons ago I promised to make my baby nephew a pair of leg warmers. I mis-measured and had to give the first pair I made to Elsa, which I guess was for the best because this pair I made for her was far too big.  The original pair was made using this same warm teddy bear colored yarn minus the eggplant purple, but they were a simple single crochet style, and didn't have much stretch. This time I made them while Finn was visiting so I could constantly check the measurements to make sure those chubby little cubby legs of his didn't grow on me while I made them. I decided to work in squares this time so that they might have a little more give. My sister came up with the brilliant idea to use buttons so they would be easy to put on. By adding two rows of buttons, there's room for him to grow.

 I didn't quite finish before their departure so I didn't get a picture of him modeling them, or get to check the final fit, but I'll keep my fingers crossed. They look a little wonky lying flat. I did block them, so I'm not quite sure why. Never-the-less, I think the wonkiness will be hidden when worn. The eggplant purple border was an after thought because I ran a little short on the teddy bear yarn. I took two balls of "Shine" worsted weight yarn in "willow"and a pinch of left over "serenade". The fiber content is cotton and natural beech wood fiber, and it has a wonderfully soft feel, but I do wish they made the balls a little bigger... 75 yards doesn't go far.  And for the buttons, I just used some brown vintage ones from my stash.

Here's Dr. Bear himself waiting oh so patiently for his leg warmers.

I still have one more half finished pair of leg warmers for Miss Oona that will hopefully be completed this winter before she grows again. Oh my, they do keep growing, don't they?!

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