Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Scenes from the Weekend

Jake says  heart shaped pan-a-cakes on Valentine's Day are a new tradition around here.
Natural and easy-to-wash face paint has given us endless fun this winter.
A look out the front door on Valentine's Day... I suggested we build a snow man on the porch.

With the help of Baba and Papa, we finally made it out sledding this year.
My favorite lovebugs. 

Endless snow around here. Yes, it does feel like we're getting buried alive. I hope you're somewhere tropical right now enjoying sunshine and pineapples. We need some Hawaiian shirts and grass skirts so we can feel as though we're on vacation. We've had several snow storms in the last week, and during one of them I asked Oona if she wanted to play in the snow, and she replied, "I just want summer!" I'm right with you my cutie pie.

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