Friday, January 3, 2014

Make Do

Oona's New Year's Moon Lion Picture
Oh, my word! Fighting off this bitter cold at our door step here in the north land sure slows you down a bit. If it weren't for my little sugar dumplings needing me so, I'd surely tuck myself in for a long winter's nap. I hope you all did something a bit more exciting than the Wildwood's for the New Year. We went about life as usual at a slightly slower pace on account of those negative temperatures outside. I have been working on a few lists for this year's beginnings... I know I will likely forget about them all too soon, but I couldn't resist the temptation to write it down.

- granny sampler (from last year)
- briar rose baby blanket (also started last year)
- red gnome jammies
- waldorf dolls
- doll blankets, clothes, and diapers
- doll carrier (a busy year for doll accessories)
- handmade “thank you” cards to send through out the year as needed
- gifts to stow away for birthdays and next Christmas
- hand painted family portrait
- owl dress
- blouses and dresses for myself

- art calendar
- weekly art
- children’s skirts
- eye pillows

- Yoga
- Take nature walks
- Go camping as a family
- Set up at farmer’s market weekly and at holiday craft shows
- Plant fabulous garden
- Start craft group at store
- Set up new web shop
- Practice ukulele!

Maybe if I actually print this out and put it somewhere I can see, I will do some of these things! May the sun shine bright and warm on your new year!

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