Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Mushroom Cap Baby

There's no such thing as too much cuteness, right? I had to share this crochet mushroom cap hat I made for Miss Elsa. It was originally going to be her Halloween costume until Oona decided to be "Little Red Riding Hood", and I just couldn't resist making her "the Big Bad Wolf". (By the way, I forgot to thank my mom for helping to sew on the belly and a little bit of the face of the wolf costume while Elsa was nursing! Thanks Mom!) I still have to give Wolfy a tail and maybe some paws to keep her little hands warm... we actually had snow this morning! I'm also working on a dress for Little Red that will double as a birthday dress. If I don't get it finished in time, she'll just have to wear one of the many cute dresses she already owns, and it will be a birthday exclusive.

This time of year goes so fast! I can't believe it's already Halloween tomorrow! The trees have turned a smokey grey, and November is just around the corner. For the first time in a long time I don't have a costume planned for myself or Jake. Maybe I'll pull something out of my magic hat. Oh, I wish I really had one... that would be a good costume!


Jenna said...

that hat is beyond adorable!

Anonymous said...

so cute as a mushroom head or a she wolf! Arrrrrrrooooooooooooo
Happy to help with your creation, Bonnie. I've always enjoyed hand sewing.