Friday, October 4, 2013

Leaf Peepers

 This week Rt 100 has felt like a super highway with constant traffic, and we have an amazing view of the spectacle that so many have come to see right from our front porch. Yes, it's the season of the leaf peepers. They're visiting our beautiful green mountains to see the ancient dance of decay as the trees change from lush greens to extraordinary yellows, golds, sunset orange, blazing red to end the color of the earth and crunch beneath our feet. It never seizes to amaze and dazzle me. And despite myself, I can't help picking up bits of these pretties as we walk along... for I'm sure if you were able to slice in to my heart as I'm still breathing, it would be fantastically rainbow colored, for I love colors so.

I've been spending lots of time on our newly painted front porch admiring these beautiful colors that will be gone all too soon. Nursing a cold with time and patience and hot tea, honey and spoons full of elderberry syrup, at least I can admire this splendid show as my body sleepily passes the days away.

I have been doing a little bit of crochet... a costume for Miss Elsa... that striking red you see below like all the red leaves I want to scoop up and bottle if only I could. I hope if you're lucky enough to live in or visit a place where the leaves change, you're enjoying there last hurrah before they lay bare for the winter. I know no matter how sick, I will be spending this weekend outdoors gazing at this magic for I am most certainly a leaf peeper too!

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