Monday, September 9, 2013

Piece by Piece

Progress on my granny square blanket!

Hello there! Thanks for indulging me in my picture week last week. It was nice to keep things short and sweet, and I think I might do that again from time to time when there's just too much going on to sit down and write much. Thank you to my parents for a very productive and fun week last week! It was nice to have you up. We have a new blue store porch as you may have seen in one of the "picture week" photos and new lighting in the store thanks to my Dad and Jake. We also had some serious fun picking apples, eating good things, going to the carnival, celebrating Jake's 30th and getting in what might just be the last swim of the season at Blueberry Lake. We have another big weekend ahead with a visit from Jake's grandparents who are traveling all the way from Wisconsin and other family folk.

September has quickly become very Fall-like with leaves all over the yard and some chill nights and days to boot! I love this kind of weather, but it does catch you by surprise. Time to wears socks and sweaters again. It's making me even more determined to finish my granny square blanket. The photo above shows some of my progress. I love doing blocks because you can see such beauty in each one, and it's kind of thrilling to imagine how it will be when they all come together. I think that in general, this how I work best on most projects... breaking everything down into simple parts. In fact, I think it's the only way I make it through anything. "Inch by inch", they say. Someday that pile of squares will be spread on my lap keeping me warm and all the time will seem like nothing.

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