Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Getting back to health: Sneaking in those greens

Since the end of my third trimester of pregnancy, we've been hooked on smoothies. Our go to healthy treat smoothie is just a banana and blueberries with plain yogurt and milk... sometimes a little honey if needed. Lately I've been adding a bit of kale and a spoon of natural peanut butter to mine for some extra greens and protein. The peanut butter definitely changes the flavor a little (in a good way, though!), but the kale just blends in so it still tastes like a treat. Oona, however, was not a fan of my improved smoothie. I think the change in texture made her reject it. It's so hard to get a toddler to eat right! We call her a fruitetarian because all she ever wants is fruit!

I also snuck some spinach into these homemade flax seed bagels I made this morning and no one complained... so one point for Mama! Anyone have any good ideas for sneaking more greens into your diet? Bonus points if it's something a toddler will eat!

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