Sunday, April 14, 2013

Less than a Month

There's less than a month until babies official due date (May 10th!). I can't believe we're going to meet this little person so soon. In roughly two to six weeks we'll be holding her (or him if the ultra sound tech was wrong!). There's definitely excitement, but also some fear and panic as we think of all the last minute things to get done.

When we visited CT last weekend we received some beautiful handmade gifts for the baby from Jake's Aunt Vicki that I have to share as this is technically a crafting blog:

She made a pretty quilt, flannel owl receiving blanket (I wish I had a close up of the owls) and a soft cotton sweater and hat set that will be just right for our chilly VT Spring. Tiny sweaters and hats just make this little person coming to live with us seem so much more real!

And she made Oona a little skirt to match the owl blanky... of course, when Oona saw the blanket, she flipped out and thought mommy had somehow destroyed her skirt and turned it into a blanket, haha.

And the butt shot... just in case you thought it might be different from the back... She was really working the camera.

There's other handmade goodness we've been given lately that I need to remember to share with you... a set of pretty light green hats for both girls from Baba and a new blue sweater for Oona from Moogi (two busy grandmas's!). I love these bits of handmade for my children as someone lovingly created them with them in mind and they will have them one day to put on their children if they like. There's something magical about things we create with our own two hands. I know there often isn't time in this busy world, depending on our jobs and other responsibilities, but it's nice when these things can find their way out of our daydreams into creations.

Ok baby, stay in a little longer so Mama can get her own projects for you finished. You can even come late if you like, but lets try to make it a speedy and painless labor, haha.

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