Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Odds and Ends

(Vintage fabric I spotted on a chair at an antique mall.)

 The family has come down with colds, so my heads been a bit foggy... best to post in list form...

Odds and Ends:
- We had brownies for dinner (Bob Atwood's famous recipe... thanks Dad!)
- Oona went wild monkey on us after having just a little bit.
- Little sister is quite the mover and shaker. I feel like she's just going to punch right through me one of these days.
- We've made a decision on babies birth... more on that tomorrow.
- Cleaning up a leaking pipe is not fun.
- Especially in a freezing cold room with freezing cold water everywhere.
- I need to buy some glitter.
- I love it when Daddy puts Oona to bed... much needed head space for Mama.
- Especially when Oona wakes up really early, and invades Mama's normal "alone" time.
-  I hate being sick, and hate it even more when my little darlin' is sick.
- Toddler snot is not that cute.
- Her sick voice does make me say, "aww..."
- I need to make some art.
- I need to hang a bunch of art on the walls too.
- I need to make a lot of things.
- Time to get doing while there's no interruptions.

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