Thursday, January 10, 2013

Easy Wash Cloth Bib Tutorial

My mom gave me  a vintage bib a while back that was made from a wash cloth with crochet edge and ties, and as Oona's been running low on bibs for a while, I thought it would be a quick bib to whip up. I picked up a set of wash clothes a little bit ago with the intention of turning them into bibs, and they have been taken up space on my studio table ever since.  Why do quick things always take so long to get to? The day finally came when there was no other way to get them off my table then to turn them into bibs...


 I took some process shots to give you a quick tutorial on how I made them. Each bib has a front pocket. I am a big fan of bibs with pockets as it helps keep the little food dropsies from ending up all over the floor.  I'm also a big fan of tie bibs because you can customize the fit better and they're harder for a toddler to rip off.

I measured the width of my bib and then selected a height that seemed about right for the pocket. They were 10.5"w x 3.5"h and I added a half inch on each side for the seam allowance before cutting the fabric. If you cut the rectangle on the fold, you don't need to sew the top seam and can leave off that seam allowance.

 I sewed the rectangles right sides together and left a 1.5 inch opening to turn it right sides out.  Fold under the seam from the opening you left for turning. 

Next I made bias tape 40" long and .5 inch wide for the ties.

I used a CD to make a neck hole opening.  Just find the midway point of the CD to make your half circle for the opening.

Here are the pockets before they were sewn on the wash clothes.

Pin the pocket down to the bottom of the wash cloth and edge stitch around the sides and bottom. Make sure that the folded side is the top of your pocket.

Then pin the bias tape to the neckline folding it over so the it is on both sides of the bib, making sure to center it so the ties are the same length on both sides. It helps to fold the bib and the bias in half to pinpoint their centers. I stitched around the entire length of the bias tape attaching it to the neck.

 All done! I actually made seven of them, but Oona was wearing one when I photographed them as you can see in the bottom picture of her helping Daddy in his workshop.

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Candice Hartsough McDonald said...

Love these!!! My most favorite bibs are the rubbery ones that you just wipe off, and can catch cheerios and milk in a little bowl-like area to be re-scooped later. BUT I've been wanting to make some bibs for our little man coming soon, to catch drool and spit-up!