Monday, January 21, 2013

Baby Quilt and Mushroom Rattle

 Two more baby projects were finished today...

Babies quilt is made from Liberty of London quilting cotton  (which I got on sale!) and a peachy Kona cotton with navy and white polka dot binding. The backing, which you can't see, is a very soft bamboo velour. The purple stars you see on the peach are hand embroidered.
 Big sister, of course, had to try it out. She is not quite liking the idea that everything I make isn't always for her... but she is teaching little sister about sharing... by making sure to use everything that's hers.

The second project I finished today was a crochet mushroom rattle. I should write up my pattern for this because it's pretty simple.

 She gave it lots of shaking to test it's strength. Thank you big sister.... we wouldn't want the mushroom top to fly off in babies face!

It's a good thing it'll be a while before baby cares if Oona takes her stuff.

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