Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A Year of Making

Hello! We've got fluffy white stuff up to our knees and more seems to be floating down merrily from the sky... so much for getting out of the house! I was happy to hear that my cousins baby, Lily Ann, came safely into the world yesterday, January 1st. Welcome sweet little girl! My sister also announced her big news on the New Year... that she's having a little one in June. Our babes will only be a month a part, and I'm near as excited about her's as I am about mine. One of my friends is also due today, and I can't wait to go visit the little one when it's born. There will be so many baby projects this year, another blessing way, and a big shower to plan for my baby sister and her first born.

I have a few things from the holidays I wanted to share this morning as I bundle up under a cozy knit blanket.

The first is this crochet owl I made for Oona for Christmas. I actually had started it as an Easter present last year, but like many things, it got put on the back burner for a while. Her name is Sally, and she's a long legged lady. I designed the pattern myself, which gives me a pluck of pride, as I haven't had the courage to design many things in crochet yet. She has a removable navy blue skirt that Oona loves to take off of her. I'd like to share the pattern at some point on Ravelry. We'll see if I can get around to decoding my own instructions.


I also made some ladies in the family these hand painted necklaces on ebony. Jake helped me by cutting the wood, varnishing it, putting holes and stringing them for me. It was a little bit of a challenge to work so small, but I also enjoyed it, and it made me want to get painting in 2013. I have a restock of paint and some new brushes coming in the mail soon, so look out!

I decided this year, rather than make a big list of resolutions, I'd make a big list of things that I want to make. Of course, I know I won't likely be able to do all these things... maybe not even a quarter, and new projects will inevitably sneak there way in, but I think this will give me a bit of direction.

The Great Make List of 2013:

For Business:
  • Gocco dolls
  • Valentine Cards
  • 2014 Art Calendar
  • Paintings on wood
  • Felt and fabric artwork
  • new eye pillows
  • Postcards
  • skirts (both for little people and big people)
  • blouses

  • handbag
  • peasant blouses
  • pregnancy obi

For the home:
  • cover for floor pillow
  • granny sampler afghan

For Oona:
  • tipi
  • doll
  • felt alphabet letters
  • puppet show curtain
  • baby doll carrier
  • felt story board
  • needle felted memory game
  • big girl quilt
  • crochet leg warmers
  • mittens

For the new Baby:
  • granny stripe blanket
  • diaper covers
  • diaper inserts
  • felt booties
  • dream catcher
  • crazy quilt
  • baby sling
  • crochet sweater
  • hexagon booties

  • instrument case
  • mittens
  • boxers

For a Friend:
  • wedding save-the-dates and invites

For the Holidays:
  • stocking for baby
  • painted wooden shoe for the Solstice
  • Christmas cards
  • felt advent calendar

I also have a number of secret projects I'll need sneak in time for that are for special occasions. We'll see how it all goes! I'm sure new ideas will pop up, and make me forget some of these things. I'm hoping this year is a year of doing! I know it will be a challenge with two little ones, but there's nothing like a little focus to light a fire under you!

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