Friday, July 27, 2012

The Kitty Vanishes

I've been avoiding writing this post because it makes me so sad. Terrapin, our darlin' kitty, has disappeared. It's been almost eleven days now, and our hearts are heavy thinking what might have happened to him. I can only hope that he is somewhere safe with a full belly, but thoughts of all the different scenarios that could have befallen our adventurer haunt me.

Terrapin just turned six in the beginning of July, and we have had him since he was a kitten. We were given him by a coworker of Jake's back when he worked at Coffee Exchange. Jake brought him to me at my then work at a bookstore and he came home with us in a box through the busy streets of Providence. He has always been a daring kitty, and watching him peer out at all the strangers on the crowded streets, I knew he was a brave one. He is my kitty son, and gave me my first taste of motherhood, by caring for this furry little man. He has always been both the charmer and the comedian, winning over even the hearts of those who insist they don't like cats.

I miss him like crazy!

We've searched the woods and roadside, talked to neighbors, put up flyers, put ads up on facebook and craigslist, and talked to the town office. I always thought he would be with us until he was an old man kitty. Maybe he still will, but it's getting harder and harder to have hope. Every morning and every evening I make sure to check the porch just in case.

Terrapin, if you read my blog, please come home, your mama misses you!


Anonymous said...

I recall a kitten coming home with you and Jake, at first scratching you, and then in a crate. :) When he met Oona he was cautious and wise, as he was always gentle once he trusted to go near the little human that spoke his language.He likes adventures and is no doubt on one right now.

Candice Hartsough McDonald said...

I'm sorry to hear he is missing. Hopefully he is out having some great fun! Getting some material for his autobiography!

Jenna said...

any news on the missing kitty?

Little White Paw said...

No news on Terrapin. I'm so depressed over it.