Monday, January 23, 2012

Needlepoint Alphabet Blocks

Recently, my friend Mary sent Oona these wonderful needlepoint alphabet blocks. They are done on a plastic canvas so they have some durability. A friend of hers had a set of these blocks made by their grandmother, and Mary used the vintage blocks to make Oona's set. I love them so I had to share, and Oona is pretty wild about them too.

I love the lady bug and scissors and owl and... all of them!

I think I'd like to try needlepoint some day. I remember doing a plastic canvas butterfly pattern with my Grandma Atwood when I was a girl... I wonder what ever happened to that.

P.S. The purple sweater Oona is wearing was also a handmade gift that Jake's Aunt Vicki made! Don't we have some pretty awesome family and friends? They certainly spoil us in all sorts of ways!


Jenna said...

So cool! Mary did an amazing job!!!!

mary said...

Wonderful! I can't believe she did this for my Oona.....ha ha