Monday, January 30, 2012

Housebound Blues

We've been housebound for a week now with a miserable sore throat/ sneeze/cough/ fever kind of sickness. Not much is getting done around here... mostly drinking lots of tea and watching too much "TV". We don't actually own a TV, but sometimes our internet watching can result in the same glazed over/ half alive effect. The babe is needing lots of extra hugs and holding, and I'm happy to oblige. We had to miss her baby friends birthday party today because of this devilish cold. Totally not fair! I just wish this awful thing would go away already. We've been more than patient with it. We need you to send us some good health vibes!

P.S. The good news is we have a new vacuum cleaner! Now to get well enough to have the energy to use it! Sickness be gone!


Jenna said...

I hope you guys feel better soon. So sorry Oona had to miss the birthday party.

PS cracks me up that we were both excited about getting a new vacuum. we must be getting old...haha

Little White Paw said...

I hope we're better soon too, thanks.

A new vacuum is great! I'm not afraid to say it!