Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Collections: World Dolls

"Things"... we have so many of them, don't we? If we live in the Westernized world, many of us probably have enough objects in our lives to open several museums! Our wardrobes alone could cloth an army! It's such a curious thing to me the human tendency to collect. I come from a long line of treasure hunters/ junk collectors, and I have quite a few "things" of my own... quite a few collections, indeed! Sometimes I think I could get rid of everything, but there is some beauty in the things we surround ourselves with. Objects can help to hold memories or communicate to us in different ways. Over the years I've learned to be more choosey about the "things" I let into my life. Mostly I like vintage things or those that have been handmade. It helps me to justify having so much because I am giving new life to something old or appreciating something someone has created with their own hands! Occasionally there are new things I can't resist or have a need for.

I've decided to start chronicling some of these collections here on this blog with a weekly post entitled "Collections". It will be a meditation for me on these objects to see what memories they evoke, to think about what objects I can part ways with, and just as a fun way to look at all the "stuff" that surrounds us, and how we come to have so much of it.

The first collection I'm going to share with you is actually not my own, but my little girls. It is a collection of vintage dolls from around the world, and it is relatively new to our house. Many of the dolls were given to us by her Zaide this past Christmas.

The Mexican doll with the pompoms and basket on her head and the doll with the blonde hair and kerchief featured to the right below are contributions from her mommy. I hope as she gets older and looks at this she will realize that there are all kinds of people in this great big world with different ideas and traditions they hold dear.

I look at these and I wonder what other things my little one will gravitate towards and treasure. I hope she will always realize that these are just objects and the people and Earth that she lives on are of far greater importance.


Jenna said...

oh bonnie! Great post! lol we were destined to collect things! Btw that red can you have in the first image I inherited from my bachis house. We have it above the kitchen cabinets!
Miss you!

mary said...

It's easier to let go of our museums when we know someone else will enjoy them. No sure why but I can't toss "things" away. Garbage, yes, good stuff, no. Those I can share. Just have to be careful our piles do not shrink our houses. Our hall upstairs is on the makeover list. More letting go to come....I promise not to send it to you unless it's great! :)