Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Artist Mushrooms

My sister just came for a visit, and while she was here we all drew on these funky mushrooms a friend of ours found for us in the mountains here on a hike. They're called Artist's Conk and are great because they can be etched into on their white surface to reveal the brown interior. You can use an etching tool or sharp pointy object of your choice. You can also paint on them. They should be dried before making your art on them. We let them sit on our pellet stove for a few days.

The one above is mine. I used watercolor crayons on top of my etching. It was supposed to just be a fun abstract design, but when I look at it now, I just see a friendly mountain spirit.

My sister etched with her pen. Hers was still in progress when she left so I can't show you the finished piece, but I love the snail that's swirling it's way around in there.

Jake did one too, etching it and then coloring with my woodless colored pencils. Such a cozy looking house by the mountains... when can we move in?!

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