Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Scenes from Christmas

Here are a few pictures from our Christmas. Grandma and Grandpa Gnome brought Oona a very cozy sled! And it snowed a bit last night so we might have cause to take it out for a spin today. Check out the sheepy slippers!

The little wooden tiger on the prowl below was made by Oona's Daddy. Oona has found it a useful tool in her daily play. Santa was kind to us this year. Hope he was kind to you too!

P.S. The appliance fairy has not been kind! Our wood pellet stove bit the dust the other day (our main source of heat!) Jake's on his way to get a replacement, but it has been one long year of appliances and such breaking on us. Not fair!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Happy Holidays!

Seasons greetings! We are spending a very quiet holiday this year nestled in our home in VT. We will miss seeing family and friends, but hopefully we'll have fun with our small little clan. Here's wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas!

The Wildwoods

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Long Night

Happy Winter Solstice! If you live in the woods in fairytale land, I hope you are dancing around a bonfire and howling at the moon. We will be bundling under some blankets here and watching some "Wind in the Willows". Have you seen the stop motion series from yesteryears? It's fantastic!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Merry Making

I'm here today to present to you Miss Oona's handmade sugar plum fairy stocking, made by Mama, of course. Okay, there's no fireplace mantel to hang this stocking, but we'll find a place for it, I'm sure. It's made out of red corduroy with blue corduroy lining. I got to use some of my stash of fun vintage embroidery ribbon. Oona seemed to really dig the owl's. I let the owner try it out, and she seemed to approve. In fact, it might have even gotten a few "ooo's" out of the girl. It's so nice to have your work appreciated. The size of the stocking was perhaps a bit ambitious. Santa's going to have to work overtime to fill this one. Mommy tried it on and an adult foot fits comfortably in it, with room to spare.

I also wanted to make your mouth water by showing you this peppermint bark I made earlier today. It's still hardening in the fridge, but from what I licked off the spatula, I think it will be delicious. You can find the recipe over at Orangette. I only did two layers because I didn't have enough chocolate.

Now I'm going to relax a little and watch the old b&w version of "Miracle on 34th St" with the babe. Hope you're keeping it jolly in your neck of the woods!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Rainbow Birthday Photo Album

My big project for Oona's 1st birthday was to make her this fabric photo album of each month of her life so far. I started at zero months so I could show her when she was first born. The back of each photo has a color and the corresponding number from each month. I wanted it to not only be a keepsake, but something she could look at and play with. It came out way longer than expected.. way way longer. I wanted to take a photo of it all the way opened, but it was just too long to do it properly in the house.

For each picture window I used clear plastic vinyl. If anyone out there wants to try making a similar project, I recommend using heavy vinyl. I used thinner stuff, and it got wrinkly after the fact... and you can't really iron it, even with a cloth on top because it gets melty (whereas thicker stuff could probably be ironed on a low setting with a sheet of fabric on top).

The most wonderful part about this project was going through photos and seeing all the different changes my babe has gone through in her first year. It reminded me of so many happy times.

It all folds up when you're done looking at it in a rainbow of Oona! I'm so glad I took the time to make this, for myself and for her. It will always help to remind me of some of the beautiful moments from her first year on this Earth. What a treat!

"Bapron" and Blocks

I promised to post some pics of some of the handmade things I made Miss Oona for her 1st birthday. So, before I totally get caught up in the holiday whirl, here are a few of the b-day projects.

First up, a cupcake bib to match the cupcake dress I made for her. I used this nice tutorial and pattern to make her a reversible "bapron". The pocket and number one were my own additions to the pattern. It's a nice bib because it gives a good amount of coverage and doesn't lift up because of the arm straps. You can't see it in my photos, but there is a tie for the neck.

These fabric blocks were fun to coordinate with each other. I'm not sure if she was totally into them, but she does try to pick them all up at once from time to time and squeeze them tight.

I'm going to post another post today about the special photo album I made her because it deserves a post of its own.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Lighting Up the Town

Jake put up a dazzling light display for us this year. Even the Holly Knight has been illuminated. Old St Nick is sure to find our house!

Also, I'm having a little holiday sale in my etsy shop right now! Enter coupon code HOLIDAYMAGIC to get 10% off your order. The sale will end December 15th. Visit The Wildwood Flower Etsy Shop to see if there's any temptations!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Holiday Tradition

Tis the season for pizzelles. Pizzelles have long been a holiday favorite in my family. This morning I made a batch with my little lady for the holiday open house this evening at the store. She mostly played with some plastic containers from the recycling and ran around while I did the mixing and the cooking, but I'll still call her my helper because she put the holiday magic into them. They are so delicious with just little sprinkle of powdered sugar on them. Jake likes them with jam. Here's the recipe I used. Pizzelle Recipe We used anise extract, not vanilla because it gives them a more distinct flavor.

Here's my sweet elf afterwards relaxing in her toy box with her robot friend. She loves hanging out in that box. The feet were flying!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree

Oh, there's nothing like the smell of pine needles in your living room! We went out in the rain yesterday to fetch ourselves this little table top tree, and stayed up until the wee hours decorating it. Oona seems to like it, and I like that it's out of reach of her fast little hands.

I have so many projects that I haven't gotten around to posting because the holiday season is just so busy... things to make, people to see and so on. We have a big town wide event happening tomorrow that our store is participating in... should be fun, and Jake's dad and my parents will all be here to celebrate with us. Hope your having some merry making this time of year! Things can get stressful real fast with worries about Christmas shopping (or making, as the case may be). But I think we all need to remember that the world won't stop turning and our families won't (hopefully not!) disown us if we don't find them that amazing thing or a zillion little things. It's not about the gifts... it's about the food, just kidding! So, time for some tea!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday Oona-boo!

It's been a bit quiet over at this here blog, but that's because there's been much going on in the outside world. Among other things, my little baby turned one! How cool! Her big day was on Thanksgiving, so we were able to spend it with my family and Jake's mom in CT enjoying the usual Thanksgiving deliciousness (minus the turkey for Jake, Oona and I... we're veggie folk). We had a small celebration on her birthday, and a slightly larger (but still small) celebration the day after, which also was my Dad's birthday at my sister's apartment. Oona had a blast both days! She didn't blow out the candle, but she did unwrap some of her presents all by her very self. I'm proud as a peacock of this little one year old! She was walking, dancing and keeping everyone entertained in her usual comedic fashion... she's our shining star!

Jake made her a pumpkin cake for the day after party, but she'd snacked too much before hand on cheese and apple and promptly threw it on the floor, never even trying a bite. She did, however, enjoy some pumpkin pie on her actual b-day.

Mommy and Daddy were sneaky and bought her this toy robot after she played with it adoringly in the toy store a month or so back. It was so great to see that she remembered it and even did a little dance of glee to be reunited with her robot friend.

She got so many fun presents. Lots of noisy ones too! She did in fact wear her hat I made her for a brief spell while we sang "happy birthday". I'll post some more pictures soon of the things I made for her, and also a few things other people made for her.

I hope everyone had much to be thankful for this past Thanksgiving! I know we had an amazing, sometimes tiring, but all together great year getting to know our little one who is growing up too fast. Happy December!