Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Birthday Present to Myself

I got out that mile long list of creative projects that's always lurking in the back on my mind and decided to pick one that would be purely for me (and my dear friend the sewing machine). The things we want to do for ourselves so often get put on hold! So, finally, my sewing machine has a snazzy new cover. Looking good, lady! Do a little something for yourself today! We all need to every now and then.

Sunday, November 6, 2011


I'm 29 today! Happy birthday me! These little nesting dolls were a hidden surprise from my parents. It's the last year of my twenties. So strange to think, as my twenties have encompassed much of my adult life. I started school, finished school, lived in three states, met my true love, learned to sew, started a store with my folks, got married, had a baby... whoosh... and so much more! Lots of changes and lots of beauty and I'm sure some pain in there too! I am so grateful for my life right now! And there's still another year left of this decade for me, so who knows!

It's been a quiet, but beautiful day.

Jake made me these lovely ebony necklaces with pearl inlay representing the stars and the moon and earth. They are each two sided so I can switch them as the mood strikes me.

He also made me this maple trivet holder so I can display my trivet collection on the table. Who knew I had a secret collection of trivets?!

The gnome nutcrackers were another sweet surprise from a dear friend.

And look at this marvelous old book Jake found! He gets a sweetheart award for today.

But my best gift this year was having this little teddy bear to hold and love and laugh with! I'm a lucky girl! Here's to another great year!