Thursday, February 24, 2011

3 Months!

My silly babe is 3 months old today... a quarter of a year! How crazy is that?! She is truly a joy and a handful. I'm learning better what times I can squeeze in a little bit of work, but it's never quite predictable. The house is in a constant state of chaos. I've somewhat given up on having any sense of order and control in my life at the moment. I'm on Mr. Toad's Wild Ride! Yesterday morning we took Oona to a parent/baby group, and I think it was good for all of us. Oona really enjoyed seeing the other babes of all ages, until she got tired and a little grumpy. Ah well.

The kitchen table has become a battlefield and playground. Random toys, baby blankets, laundry I don't have time to fold, bills and junk mail and misc. crafts I don't have time to work on have all congregated there waiting impatiently for me to deal with them. Who cares about eating! Yikes! One of these days I'm going to have to move like a tornado through the whole house swallowing up loose booties and random whatnots in a single gulp.

But nevermind the mess, there is a lot of growing going on... for little Oona and for our little family. Each day she changes so much! Each day we learn a little bit more how to be her parents! She's teaching us well. Here are some of the highlights from the first 3 months:

-more and more smiles as she's grown
-she can lift her head for prolonged time while lying on her belly
-she has lots of baby babble to share with us
-she is starting to be able to grab items with more purpose
-she has laughed for us twice now! we're not quite sure how to get more out of her, but it was wonderful when she did
- she has rolled over every now and then
-she can go through more diapers in a day than I ever thought possible... so glad we went with cloth!
-I tell her "I love you" even more often then she goes through diapers

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

While She's Sleeping...

I just finished this new pattern design for my eye pillows. I'll be making more soon, but this one is in the shop.

Also, I've been learning to do more crochet. I think I'd like to make some smaller circles like this for Christmas ornaments next year or perhaps as coasters. I'm getting the hang of reading patterns. That's always been a challenge for me. I do so much better when someone shows me. Sometimes when it gets written down it becomes like a math equation and I have trouble comprehending, but I think I'm starting to overcome this and have a better grasp of the crochet language.

And here something I made for the little bunny, my very first crocheted hat! She looks way too cute in it. I might have to make one in brown too. I was thinking of using applique floral fabric on the inside part of the ears, but it's kind of fun how it is. We'll see. It is the year of the rabbit after all!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Slow and Steady

Happy 2011! I know, I'm a bit late, but everything is a bit late these days. In fact, we just took our Christmas tree down on Ground Hogs Day for goodness sake! If the Wildwood's take down their Christmas tree it means Spring is just around the corner I suppose! I have finally been squeezing in a little bit of sewing time here and there, but baby time is still demanding a good chunk of time. I'm ok with that because I love my little milk monster like crazy. She is growing so rapidly! And she's now holding up her head when we put her on her belly like she invented it. She's also started drooling a bit which she somehow makes cute. I'm not bothering with resolutions this year because I know I'll only disappoint myself. But I am ready to make a "Grand To Do List" for 2011 so I can slowly and methodically like the age old tortoise check off one or two things.

Here's my overly ambitious "Grand to Do List" of arts and craft projects:

- Artwork on wood
- Mixed media artwork on fabric
- Needle felted artwork
- Felt crafts
- More lavender and flax seed eye pillows and neck warmers
- Buckwheat hull pillows
- Painted rocks and seashells
- Crochet hats for the little one
- Baby clothes
- Sewn Baby toys
- Play mat/blanket for babe
- Easter basket and Christmas stocking for Miss Oona
- Secret Christmas projects which I plan to work on throughout the year