Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Tour of Baby Wildwood's Room

Well, it's mostly finished! I think it turned out pretty darn cute. I'm still planning on adding a little more artwork to the walls and perhaps tweaking things here and there, but I think the baby will approve. He or she won't actually be sleeping here for a while, but it's nice to have it done. We have Jake's old baby cradle in our bedroom so baby will be close at hand for late night feedings and changings while they are still little.

The little shelf above is a leaf from an old enamel table that somehow lost it's top. The other leaf is above my sewing table in our studio, also serving the purpose of a shelf. The beautiful, colorful painting above was painted by little cousin as a gift for the baby and I thought it deserved a frame so I put it in one today.

Serving as a bookshelf is my old doll house. It was given to me on my fifth birthday by my parents, and it's seen a lot of play in it's day! I gave it a paint job last week... it was getting a bit worn. It was suppose to be red with that blue/green roof you see, but it turned out more of a pinkish color. Oh well. I painted all the interior walls white except for one that still had the original wall paper and left some of the colored floors in their original paint too. We have such a large collection of children's books now, especially after the baby shower, that I'm so glad we have this space. My mom gave us the cute vintage bird night light you see above.

Below you can see another nook of the doll house and "the gnome feeding a baby bunny" music box I picked up once upon a time in anticipation of one day having a baby bunny to give it to.

Next up is babies crib... a great used find that my parents picked up for us. The bunny mobile was a gift from my sister. And the awesome blanket hanging from the rail was handmade by Jake's "Ant" Vicki.

The changing table you see below was handmade by Jake's Grandpa for his cousin Atticus. We are taking temporary custody of it until this said cousin has babies of his own, perhaps. Jake's Grandpa also built a beautiful cradle for Jake that I will have to show you soon... maybe with a sweet little newborn asleep in it.

On the wall you can also see a cool Japanese kitty print from my mom and a fun wall hanging from Ecuador from Jake's mom.

The awesome mushroom bag you see below is filled with babies clothes and blankies and whatnot to bring to the birthing center. It was a gift from my friend Jenna and handmade by her sister-in-law-to-be.

And here's babies baby book just waiting to be filled!

The vintage music box below was another gift from my mom. They dance when you wind it up!

And here is another handmade item... Jake's old rocking horse! I wish I had a picture of him riding it when he was little.

The hangers below were a fun item my mom and I found together while out shopping. I can't wait to hang little outfits from them.

And finally here is a peek at the horsey Pendelton from Jake's mom.

I can't wait to show baby this happy little space we made for it with the help of gifts and love from so many others!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thinking About Mamahood

No baby yet! The midwife at our last appointment said to try to think of it as if baby will come at the latest possible date, but be ready for it to be earlier. That's working well for me so far. Actually, I wish I had done that from the start! There is still so much to do here at home that I am not impatient, despite the utter exhaustion I am feeling from being pregnant.

I was talking to a friend yesterday on the phone and confessing that this journey to mamahood has not been all sugar and honey. I think people sometimes expect pregnant women to be over the moon happy all the time. I am definitely excited to meet our little one, definitely excited to learn what it is to be a mama, but there is also a lot of stress and anxiety I am feeling at the same time. I worry a lot about balance... balancing housework, balancing time to do creative things, balancing time with Jake and balancing time to be a good mom. I also worry what the loss of sleep will do to me. Maybe we'll get one of those super sleeper babes, but you never know. I think it hasn't helped that my hormones have had my emotions all over the place. One day I'm totally focused and in control and looking forward to so much... the next I feel angry and sad and not sure how I'm going to handle all this. I worry about losing myself somewhere in all this change. I'm only confessing all this because I know there are other mom's or mom's-to-be out there who have experienced the same fears and anxieties. I know Jake will help me. He is a really supportive and super guy. But lets face it, there are things babies need that Papa can't give. I think we will figure it out. I think I will be able to keep myself together and find a lot of joy in this new experience. Actually, I'm glad I am thinking about a lot of this now, before the baby comes, because maybe that will make me less stressed out afterward and better able to adjust. We're definitely planning on attending some parenting classes after the baby is born. I think it will be good to have the extra support and meet other new parents. There's one thing for sure, I have a tremendous new respect for mom's and pregnant women... it's no easy task to grow a baby and then raise it up right! Here's to mama's!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Shop Update!

My Etsy shop has finally had a big update! There are lots of lavender and flaxseed eye pillows and buckwheat hull pillows as well as a few other things. Go take a look! I am going to try to add even more in the next day or two...stay tuned!

Also, I recently added more blogs to my blog link on the side bar if you're one for blog surfing! Enjoy!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Baby Shower Cakes!

I couldn't resist sharing these photos of some amazing desserts from my baby shower for our little Wildwood. The ice cream cake was decorated by the folks at the Dairy Bar in CT which makes awesome ice cream fresh from the cow (well, practically)! They did a wonderful job with the woodland animals. The cupcakes we're made by my mom and I... lemon with lemon frosting with a touch of polka dots... so good! I wish I had more photos from the shower to share. I still need to take some photos of some of the the amazing handmade gifts bestowed upon us.

I'm at 38 weeks today! That means baby could come any time now! I'm totally ready, but the house is not! There's still lots of little projects under way that need doing so baby can feel free to take its time. Jake and I did make a great escape today to Burlington as my post birthday celebration because we didn't have much time to celebrate on Saturday. As is tradition when visiting Burlington, we had delicious Indian food and stopped in at the Burlington City Arts Center. I also got to hit up a couple fabric shops and restocked a bit. It's so nice when you work from home to be able to take a fun day trip now and then for your sanity, especially since we will be nesting in with our little babe real soon. Ok, I'm off to see what I can do with some of this new fabric! Have a good night!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Sewing the Clouds

Another year has gone and went! I'm 28 years old today! Happy Birthday to me!

Here's my resolutions for the next year (in no particular order):

1)Become a great mommy!
2)Paint more!
3)Sew more!
4)Waste less and be good to Our Dear Mother Earth!
5)Figure out how to balance business and creative passions...
6)Keep things simple!
7)Walk everyday!
8)Practice yoga and meditation regularly!
9)Make the things that make me happiest a PRIORITY!
10)Worry less and stop freaking out about the little things!

Sorry for all the exclamation marks, but I feel like I'm not quite doing a lot of these things now and I need to get my own attention. I should really list 28 things, but 10 will have to do! Happy weekending!

P.S. I'm still working on that shop update, but it will have to wait until sometime in the middle of next week.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Hoot and a Howl

No costumes... only one trick-or-treater.... but we did manage to carve these jack-o-lanterns! Mine was the owl and Jake's was the wolf.

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