Tuesday, April 27, 2010

"If I were a..."

I love this meme shared by Cider and Faun who found it through other lovely friends. Check out her post because there are lots of lovely pictures too. I have no brain today so this is the best I can do...

if i was a month i'd be november
if i was a day of the week i'd be tuesday
if i was a time of day i'd be morning
if i was a sea animal i'd be a seal

if i was a direction i'd be east
if i was a piece of furniture i'd be a soft couch
if i was a liquid i'd be a river
if i was a gemstone i'd be a peridot

if i was a tree i'd be a cherry tree

if i was a tool i'd be a pencil
if i was a flower i'd be a forget me not
if i was a kind of weather i'd be snow

if i was a musical instrument i'd be a ukulele
if i was a color i'd be green
if i was an emotion i'd be love
if i was a fruit i'd be a nectarine

if i was a food i'd be a bagel
if i was a material i'd be linen
if i was a scent i'd be citrus
if i was a flavor i'd be ice cream

if i was a sound i'd be a cat purring
if i was an element i'd be wind
if i was a mammal i'd be a hedgehog
if i was a phase of the moon i would be crescent

if i was a berry i'd be strawberry
if i was a bird i'd be a chickadee
if i was a book i'd be Watership Down
if i was a place i'd be the woodlands

It's snowing in VT... of course it melts as it hits the ground but how strange to see the dandelions and the snow at the same time!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Green Green Grass of Home

Hello! I missed my Sunday post again last week because we were traveling. Above are some of the pictures I meant to share before when blogger was not cooperating. We went home to see family for Easter in CT. It was wonderful weather and a wonderful weekend with Easter egg dying and plenty of bad treats and flea marketing. I wish we could have stayed longer and seen more of our friends and family, but it was still nice.

The grass here has turned it's lovely lush green... I always get excited this time of year even though it's bound to happen. Soon I'll be able to move my garden from indoors to outdoors. Hurrah! What happy little plants they will be!

Jake and I have been daydreaming this morning about building a straw-bale house. The cost of buying a house, even in this depressed market, is not realistic for us anytime soon. In fact, it will probably take us many many years to be able to afford one. But perhaps, maybe building will be a possibility at some point. I do love old houses, but it could be cool if we were able to give it an old feel at the same time as making it more efficient and environmentally friendly. And I'm sure it would definitely give us a sense of accomplishment to take on such a challenge and to have a house that was uniquely our own. It's just something for us to think about.

Until next week!