Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Call to Spring

I made this mandala to ask the universe for a little bit of growth and prosperity. I'm calling it "A Call to Spring". It feels good to be painting again. All these ideas started coming to the surface as soon as I picked up a paint brush. I hope to keep up with the ideas and not have them getting dusty on some back shelf somewhere as they did last year.

Oh, and I also made this new design for my eye pillows. Expect to see lots of patchwork and paintings in 2009. This one is over in the shop.


Anonymous said...

I love this new painting, will you be selling it on your site? or perhaps just giving your friend one? haha...but seriously put it on your site, a print of it so I can hang it in my office!!!


Rowena said...

Wonderful. It does make me feel as if Spring is being invoked. Bloom. Bloom. Bloom.